Tsuyu is a rich, concentrated sauce or stock made from extracted katsuobushi bonito flakes, kombu kelp and soy sauce. When used as a sauce ingredient tsuyu provides that traditional deep Japanese soy-fish taste to all types of Japanese dishes. Tsuyu can also simply be diluted with water to create a delicious noodle soup or tempura dipping sauce.How To UseThis tsuyu soup stock makes for delicious noodle soups, dipping sauces and dressings:• Add 1 part tsuyu to 5 parts hot water for a traditional noodle soup.• Add 1 part tsuyu to 3 parts hot water for hot soups and stews.• Add 1 part tsuyu to 2 parts cold water for a cool noodle dipping sauce.

Morita Katsuo tsuyu concentrated 500ml盛田鰹つゆ

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  • Distilled Soy Sauce (WheatSoy Bean), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Salt, Bonito Flakes (Fish), Sugar, Mirin Rice Wine (Alcohol), Alcohol, Seasoning (Amino Acid,).