A versatile sake ideal for sake drinking beginners and experts alike! Made using koshihikari rice (which is particularly well-suited for sake making), this dry sake is mellow and full-bodied in flavour, with a fruity aroma and refreshing aftertaste. Its flexibility makes it ideal for drinking chilled, at room temperature or gently warmed, or even as part of a sake cocktail or infusion. Try drinking this sake in a variety of ways and see which way you enjoy most.

Kome to Mizu no Sake 720ml

  • Sake Category: Junmai (pure rice wine)
    Sake Metre Value: +3.5 (dry)
    Acidity: 1.3 (low to average)
    Flavour: Dry, mellow, full-bodied, refreshing
    Fragrance: Fruity
    Drinking Temperature: Chilled, room temperature, or warmed to 35-40 degrees celsius
    Food Pairing: Delicious to enjoy with full-flavoured sushi (such as mackerel or smoked salmon), tofu, salads, and grilled meats.


    Rice, Rice Malt.• Rice polished to 70%