Clear, near colourless with very pale yellowish hue; Fragrant aroma of rice wine, with boiled glutinous rice, strong pollen, strong floral, pear ester, strong alcohol and strong sugar; Medium sweet taste of rich rice spirit, with strong tartness, very strong warming alcohol, pears flesh, bitter melon, sugar, liquorices and strong tannin; Close to light body. Thick and oily palate; Mouth feel is fairly dry and strong rice wine. The 5% blend of Ginjo Koshu contributes much of its fiery characters – very oily feel and bombastic warming alcohol, yet not razor sharp and quite easy to embrace. The honjozo itself is very tart, sugary with fairly good esters.

Honjozo Black Kizakura 180ml

  • 通の本醸造   Ginjo Koshu Blend (15%) Rice Polishing Ratio 65% SMV +1 Acidity 1.5 Amino Acids 1.3