Japanese seaweed Fujikko dark shredded konbu kelp seaweed. Using specially selected konbu harvested in Hokkaido, famous for its delicious seaweed, this fujikko salted konbu kelp has been carefully cooked for maximum smoothness and flavor. Lightly salted, this makes a great addition to salads and pastas.

Japanese Konbu Seaweed is rich in umami flavor and one of the main ingredients for making dashi broth. This is due to the high amount of glutamic acid that gives it a delicious savory taste. Konbu seaweed is high in iodine and is a great source of dietary fiber. 

Fujikko kobukuro shio konbu フジッコ小袋塩昆布

  • dried seaweeds

  • The seaweed seasoned with soy sauce, shiso, vinegar, seasoning and spices. This tasty seaweed is good eaten with beer as a snack, or as a side dish to meals as well as in salads and on rice. A very versatile, traditional food item.